Quick tips and tricks: Printing labels from GAGEpack

Eric GasperWrestling with the ability to trace specific devices back to her gage management system, a customer called to ask about the best way to manage this process.

Gages require identification, of course, in order to be traced. The details of this identification include the gage number or ID, last calibration date, and next due date. Having this information and rendering it easy to access can be vital to maintaining a healthy measurement system. Applying labels that can then be scanned and information recorded offers the most efficient and accurate approach to managing this kind of accountability. GAGEpack can print these labels.

Barcodes, as well as both temporary and permanent labels, may be among preferred label choices, and GAGEpack can print these labels from a variety of label tape printers, including Brothers Pt, Dymo, and Zebra.

Some tips to get the most out of GAGEpack in producing labels:

  1. Determine what type of label you require: These may be temporary or permanent, or may be barcode ID.
  2. Identify printer capability: Printers that will work with GAGEpack include Brothers PT, Dymo, Zebra, and others.
  3. Getting the most out of GAGEpack in producing labels: Selection of ad hoc labels, system labels (after calibration event, inventory label).

In the end, accurate labels on gages can save users and technicians valuable time by rendering critical information to them at a glance.

Keeping track: Dashboard gives quick overview

Eric GasperWith countless numbers of processes and interminable amounts of data to consider, managers can often lose sight of critical information, including management of measurement devices and the records of calibration and maintenance. A Dashboard feature in GAGEpack by PQ Systems puts this essential information at their fingertips, offering a quick overview of the ways in which the process is being managed.

Poring over lists of data related to records of calibration events, gage replacements, and maintenance records is enough to have a soporific effect on the most diligent manager. On the other hand, a quick look at a Dashboard will provide genuine information rather than simply individual data points. For example, examine the following list of calibration equipment:

Calibrations due today: 8
Calibrations due this week: 29
Calibrations due this month: 58
14 Calibrations are overdue at the moment
From now till June 19th there are 132 calibrations, 39 maintenance events, and 9 MSA studies.

This is a great deal of information to wade through to determine your overall workload, and requires further research to determine which calibrations apply to each category:

Contrast the accessibility of this list with the following Dashboard that summarizes the data in an easy-to-access and highly understandable form:

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Leaner, faster, easier: GAGEpack features improve your life

Whoever invented the original concept for the Search & Replace feature in software programs would be delighted to see how far the concept has come. The upcoming version of GAGEpack, scheduled for a second quarter 2014 release, expands on previously available Search & Replace capabilities to make the management of large gage inventories as simple as possible.

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GAGEmobile™ saves time, offers enhanced access to gage records

PQ Systems is excited to announce the release of the new GAGEpack® web-based mobile app―GAGEmobile™. The new app provides GAGEpack users access to information from their gage database on both mobile and desktop devices.

“The main advantage of GAGEmobile is the freedom to pull up gage information without having to be at a computer where GAGEpack is installed,” providing flexibility and saving time, says David Shattuck, lead developer of the GAGEpack team. Using GAGEmobile, an organization’s gage database can be accessed by authorized users in a different building or even a different country. “Complete gage records are still maintained with the GAGEpack program itself,” says Shattuck, and GAGEmobile provides the access for mobile users.

Because the app is web-based, GAGEmobile is not limited to a particular operating system and allows users to access their gage database on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets via the device’s web browser. In addition, the GAGEmobile website interface can also be accessed using a web browser on desktop and laptop computers.

Specific gage information can be accessed simply by browsing the gage list or by entering a gage number in the easy-to-use filter feature. Selecting a specific gage will display the details of that particular gage, including its number, status, and calibration due date.

There can be no doubt that mobile apps are increasingly enhancing efficiency in manufacturing operations, and in this sense, this partnership between GAGEpack and its offspring GAGEmobile will indeed represent a “game-changer” in terms of saving time and maintaining accurate records.

GAGEmobile is available free to all GAGEpack 10.0 users with a current maintenance contract. If you aren’t using the current version of GAGEpack, now is the perfect time to upgrade so you can enjoy the freedom that GAGEmobile provides. Contact us for more information.

Want to see GAGEmobile in action? We’ve set up a demo website with two sample gage databases. To access the demo website, download our short Getting Started Guide that provides an introduction to GAGEmobile and explains how to login.

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