Why is Quality Control Important?

If you want your customers to be happy, ensuring a longer lifespan for your business, then quality control needs to be a priority for you.

Consider what would happen if you produce a product that works only 50% of the time. Chances are good that even your repeat customers would hesitate to keep buying an item that may or may not work. Instead, quality control practices help you to produce a product that works reliably and operates at optimal performance. A quality product, one that is rock-solid in performance, builds loyal customers and keeps your business going strong over the years.

In addition, your company can justify charging a premium price for a high-quality product. Quality is what helps you build your customer base and keep customers returning to you time and again. It also helps you stay competitive as other businesses in your sector raise their rates.

Quality control is also important because it keeps your business functioning as efficiently as possible and compliant with specific industry regulations. Abiding by these regulations keeps opportunities open for working within regulated sectors that require compliance and grabbing new business opportunities that aren’t likely to be open to unregulated companies.

While some businesses choose not to invest in quality control systems, they are losing money in the long run. Integrating a quality control structure is a cost-saving measure as it reduces the amount of rework you do and keeps waste to a minimum. When you produce a quality product, you will have a low number of returns.

Quality is also a great word to associate with your business brand. When you build your organization’s reputation on quality, your target audience is more likely to put their trust in you and buy your product rather than a competitor’s version. Your positive reputation is likely to earn you positive customer reviews and referrals.

The importance of quality control cannot be underestimated. At PQ Systems, we offer quality control software and training solutions to position your business to achieve all of these benefits and more.

Using SPC To Cut Down Manufacturing Costs

Manufacturing has experienced a kind of revival on a global scale. Production demands are on the rise as an empowered population is spoilt for choice.

In an arena of such competition, companies need to leverage any advantage that they may have. Statistical Process Control (SPC) represents this advantage. By reducing production variability and waste in order to drive down manufacturing costs, companies are offering higher quality products on a consistent basis.


SPC has for long been a way to deliver better value to customers and thus expand market reach and dominance. Reducing waste by monitoring processes saves time and assures customer satisfaction. In recent years, a prevailing reason to keep manufacturing costs in check is one of survival. Masses are unforgiving and a mistake is costly, both in financial and in social terms.


Statistical Process Control represents a way to prevent defective products, not simply to inspect for this waste. By putting tools to collect and analyze data on a real-time basis into those closest to the process itself, companies can determine the possibilities for product flaws before they must be scrapped as waste.


Understanding variation in processes is fundamental to product quality. Reducing this variation means that processes become more predictable—and predictability is a key to saving costs. Established statistical methods help to reduce variability and save costs. Identifying variability and identifying its source early in a process reduces scrap, rework, and waste.

About 80 percent of manufacturing costs pertain to the purchase of raw materials. The quality of this raw material is indicated by a constant Cpk , a statistical index that indicates the capability of a process to produce expected outcomes. Higher values of this constant are desirable as they indicate superior quality. If Cpk varies from one production lot to another, the performance of the products from different batches under extenuating conditions will not be consistent.

SPC software solutions help identify inferior quality in raw material batches, so these batches will not make their way into the final product. With anomalies eliminated, potential orders can be saved from cancellation and quality ensured all across the board.

In short, without real-time SPC software solutions, no manufacturing unit can hope to achieve success in national or global markets.

AIAG Supply Chain Institute Certifications – Who Should Get Them and Why?

The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) offers several certifications for professionals in the automotive industry, from automakers to retailers, and one particular category is the Supply Chain Institute Certifications. This division comprises two certifications; the Auditor Certification and the Core Tools Certification.

The AIAG Auditor Certification provides internal or lead certification for auditors in the auto industry. The goal of the course is to improve your quality management skills. There are seven courses offered in total, covering topics from how to maintain an effective environmental management (EMS) system in the Exemplar ISO 14001 EMS Lead Auditor course and the ISO/TS 16949 Certification Body Auditor Certification Evaluation. Through the combination of evaluations and courses, a person can achieve the AIAG Auditor Certification.

Meanwhile, the Core Tools Certification is composed of four courses that provide proficiency in the principles of the North American Automotive Quality Core Tools, as well as its practices. Proficiency in SPC, MSA, FMEA and/or APQP/PPAP are necessary in order to pass the knowledge and application exams for each one.

There are many benefits to obtaining AIAG Supply Chain Institute Certifications. For an automotive manufacturer, the Quality Core Tool Certification will give you the knowledge that your employees are performing processes according to the North American Automotive Quality Core Tool reference manuals. That is important, as failure to recognize activities that don’t meet quality regulative standards can set your auto company up for delays or setbacks when testing products or putting them on the market.

For the AIAG Auditor Certification, getting this education will help you if you seek employment as an auditor that specializes in the automotive industry. The courses also benefit managers at your vehicle facility as, after being trained at AIAG, a graduate will understand the process of looking over facility operations, financials and inventory to ensure everything is operating at maximum efficiency.

AIAG students learn about policies worldwide, which is necessary when a supply chain is spread out across more than one country. Since 1932, AIAG has been teaching professionals how to create an efficient and responsible supply chain.

In addition, getting the Supply Chain Institute Certifications provides a great educational basis for when you attend the AIAG Quality Summit coming up in September. Titled this year as “Quality for Emerging Technologies,” the conference takes place Sept 24-25, in Novi, MI. It will showcase how companies are using the newest vehicle technologies and discuss ways to maintain quality, dependability and customer satisfaction levels. Don’t miss out on this informative auto industry event!

Trade show season is finally here! See where you can find PQ Systems

On your mark, get ready… the 2014 trade show season is finally here and PQ Systems will be in attendance at several of the shows. Will we see you at these events, too? If so, look for us on the show floor!

IMTS 2014

Leave your calendar open September 8-13 for IMTS 2014. As the largest manufacturing show in the Western hemisphere, this event is a must-attend.

The show provides a quality platform to discuss manufacturing technologies and solutions for the automotive industry. You will find plenty to interest you here as common manufacturing issues are discussed. It’s also a valuable opportunity to network with key people in the industry.

There is a range of exhibits to browse, with in-booth events and conference sessions to attend. The IMTS show takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago, where it is held every two years. Registration is available through the event’s website or on-site any day of the event. Make new business contacts and learn about today’s newest technologies at the IMTS 2014 show. Be sure to visit us at booth #5255, in the East hall.

NAHQ Annual Conference

Download free SPC charting white papers

Learn about control charts at the NAHQ Conference

Another event where you will find PQ Systems is the NAHQ conference on September 7-10 in Nashville, TN. As the healthcare system is changing so quickly, this exciting trade show is a great place to stay up to date on trends, as well as best practices.

Enjoy a range of exhibits and educational sessions during the three-day event. Regardless of whether you are a manager or a front-line worker in the healthcare industry, there’s much to gain from attending the show. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the session “What Makes Control Charts Work” which will be presented by PQ’s own Dr. Michael Cleary, Ph.D. and then network with leading players in the industry.

You can also browse exhibits that specialize in publications, software, accreditation, data analysis and more. Stop by and see us at booth #300.

AIAG Quality Summit

The AIAG Quality Summit provides a wealth of information as a trade show designed for automotive industry professionals. The conference is a popular one for suppliers, customers and manufacturers in the automotive field.

This year’s event runs from Sept 24-25 at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI, and bears the title “Quality for Emerging Technologies.” As technologies for automobiles are constantly in flux, this event promises to provide valuable insights into new designs and also into related issues with technologies. As with the majority of trade shows, the AIAG conference is a great opportunity to converse with experts in the field. We’ll be at booth #13.

Come out and join PQ Systems at these exciting events as we learn about the best practices, newest technologies and up-and-coming trends in a range of industries. The 2014 trade show season is here, and it is one you won’t want to miss!

SQFI Now Includes Unannounced Audits in SQF Code Being Implemented This Month

New Food Quality Regulations

New Safe Quality Food Program Regulations

In February 2014, The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) announced that new Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) regulations will be rolled out in July 2014 that impact current audit protocols. These regulations are set to take effect soon and it is important to understand how they will affect quality control in the food industry.

A major part of these new regulations is the incorporation of an unannounced audit protocol, putting pressure on organizations to be audit-ready at any time. This development will make SQF the “first internationally accredited third-party assessment program to require unannounced audits,” and will be made possible by a partnership with its Technical Advisory Council. SQFI Senior Vice President Robert Garfield issued a statement explaining the reasoning behind the new regulations; “We made the decision to enhance the rigor of the SQFI program after consulting with numerous stakeholders. We understand that the food industry must respond to and meet the nation’s food safety challenges more rapidly and effectively, which require a more nimble approach to our program.”

While the new audit protocol may seem daunting to those in the food industry, only one out of three annual audits will be unannounced. This is an effort to raise the condition and productivity of food and beverage producers, who the public depends on for the highest safety and quality standards in food.

As technology, trends, and demand shift within the food industry so do the quality standards and regulations that must be met. PQ System is here to provide customers with the tools they need to make sure these regulations are met through our quality control software and training programs. We look forward to seeing how industry output, quality, and safety is improved from these new programs.

PQ Systems Celebrates Our 30th Anniversary!

PQ Systems friends & family enjoy our 30th anniversary picnic

PQ Systems friends & family enjoy our 30th anniversary picnic

For over three decades, PQ Systems has been a company dedicated to providing our customers with quality control software and training to help those in the manufacturing, healthcare, government and service industries.

To celebrate our company’s 30th anniversary, we held a picnic at the Magic Castle in Dayton on Friday, June 6th. Employees, family, and friends celebrated with a barbeque lunch and various activities. Fun was had by all and it proved to be a joyous occasion for our entire company.

PQ Systems has evolved significantly since our inception in 1984. We continue to offer software solutions for statistical process control, gage calibration and management, and quality systems, and are always looking for ways to improve our product lines.

In addition to our software solutions, we also host public and in-house trainings to ensure that each product is being used to its full potential. We have the ability to accommodate our customers’ growing needs and can bring the training to you with webinars and seminar-style sessions.

Over the years, our company has also grown substantially to reach a global audience. While our headquarters are in Dayton, Ohio, we have regional offices in the United Kingdom and Australia. Our distributors are located in various areas throughout the world such as Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Because we are a company with a strong global reach, we are prepared to meet our customers’ various needs as technology and software solutions evolve. We look forward to the next 30 years as your trusted partner in quality!

PQ Systems Recognized Among the 2014 Best Places to Work

Dayton Best Places to Work, Top 25 Best Places to Work

Mike Cleary, owner of PQ Systems shows off our Top 25 Best Places to Work Award

This past spring, PQ Systems was recognized by the Dayton Business Journal as one of the Top 25 Best Places to Work. The program culminated with an awards ceremony on April 24th, in which all of the winners were formally recognized. Mike Cleary, owner of PQ Systems was on hand to accept the award on behalf of the company.


The PQ Systems team embraced the pep rally theme

The event took place at the Benjamin and Marion Schuster Performing Arts Center and featured a pep rally theme to show off the participants’ team spirit. PQ Systems brought 16 employees in total to the event, all decked-out with branded PQ baseball caps and jerseys. We always maintain a high level of enthusiasm, so it was no surprise when we walked away with a trophy for Best Cheer by the end of the night.

The main purpose of the Best Places to Work Awards is to recognize companies that truly grasp the value of their employees. At PQ Systems, we appreciate all of the hard work put across by each member of the team, and understand that it is thanks to their dedication that we have experienced so much success. We are proud to be among the Best Places to Work Award winners, and extend a special “Thank You” to our team members who have brought us this far.

As we continue to help our customers maintain a high level of quality in their business processes, we’re thrilled to see our own company receiving recognition. To view the full list of 2014 Best Places to Work, see the slideshow put together by the Dayton Business Journal.

PQ Systems - Group photo2

A great night was had by all in attendance. Thank you Dayton Business Journal!

For more information about PQ Systems, visit our website or call 1-800-777-3020.

Our Connection to W. Edwards Deming and How it Benefits Our Customers

Dr. W. Edwards Deming is a household name for those of us in the business of quality. His 14 Points on Quality Management are at the heart of what we do on a daily basis. He is most notably credited for the growth of Japanese industry following the Second World War, as well as re-invigorating the American auto industry, with Ford taking second place in global sales in 1992. His commitment to continuous improvement meant that he was never satisfied with the status quo – instead looking for ways to progress everything around him.

At PQ Systems, our goal is always to ensure quality among our customers. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Michael J. Cleary, PhD, founding president of PQ Systems learned much of what he knows today from Dr. Deming himself.

Dr. Cleary met Dr. Deming through his association with Ford Motor Company, where Deming led a quality improvement initiative for the company and its suppliers. Dr. Deming invited Dr. Cleary to participate in some of his sessions with the company.

As a professor of business statistics, Dr. Cleary wanted to bring the concept of quality in industry to undergraduate and MBA classrooms, and was able to arrange meetings with Dr. Deming to discuss mutual interests and approaches.  Together, they worked on a twelve-part video training initiative, The Transformation of American Industry that Dr. Cleary developed along with Carole and David Schwinn for community college training sessions. Over the course of a decade, the sessions attracted hundreds of quality professionals.

Deming’s philosophy also formed the fundamental basis for PQ Systems, which Cleary started in order to help organizations demonstrate proof of the quality of their products and services . Today, as always, we maintain our commitment to quality and are proud of our close association with Dr. Deming. In everything we do, we strive to continuously improve while helping our customers to do the same.

To learn more about our services, including statistical process control (SPC), gage management, quality audit tracking, and more, please feel free to contact us online and/or follow us on Twitter.

5 Things to Know About PQ Systems’ History and Offerings

  1. PQ Systems has been around for more than 30 years, getting our start in 1984 with our first software product, SQCpack statistical process control software.  We’ve never stopped improving SQCpack and the statistical process control (SPC) software has since been installed in more than 60 countries.
  2. We have been named one of the 2014 Top 25 Best Places to Work by the Dayton Business Journal. The official rankings won’t be revealed until the awards event on April 24th, 2014, but we’re excited and proud to have been recognized by this esteemed publication.
  3. We are a local company with a global reach. PQ Systems is headquartered in Dayton Ohio, with regional offices in the UK and Australia. This is in addition to our distributors located throughout South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This allows us to work with companies in all areas of the globe.
  4. We offer a wide array of software solutions for statistical process control, gage calibration and management, and quality systems. These tools all allow for process optimizing in diverse industries. We serve manufacturing plants, automakers, aerospace industry professionals, healthcare, and government agencies and contractors. We have a number of success stories coming from each industry.
  5. Not only does PQ Systems offer unmatched quality management software solutions, we also host public and in-house trainings to ensure that each product is being used to its full potential. If you can’t make it to one of our public seminars, we’ll bring the training to you. We offer a wide range of both webinar- and seminar-style sessions to accommodate our customers. We also have training books and videos  available to order. No matter your learning style, we’ll work with you to ensure you have a firm grasp on quality management solutions.