Software tip: Adding some style to your charts in CHARTrunner

Scott JohnsonEvery now and then I’m complimented on the way my charts look.  I’m not going to give myself all the credit. I mainly give the credit to the CHARTrunner and its designers.  Each month, I create a chart for our monthly newsletter, Quality eLine. I have found myself utilizing CHARTrunner’s chart style options more and more.  I would like to go through some of the advantages that I have found.

A few benefits of chart styles include:

  1. Helps produce consistent charts each time they are drawn;
  2. Allows you to assign fonts to different areas on the chart;
  3. Has many options for color management;
  4. Provides options for other various styles like line styles and data marker styles;
  5. Properly used, it can make charts easier to read;
  6. And there is no limit to the number of styles (each one is a file ending in .csc).

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Software tip: Automatic emailing in the new GAGEpack 8.5

Scott JohnsonLast month we released GAGEpack 8.5 that includes a new software utility GAGEmail. GAGEmail is a separate application that improves the way automated emails are sent.

  • 24/7 email alerts (emails even with GAGEpack is closed)
  • IT folks can manage this as they do other applications that run as a service
  • GAGEmail can run on a separate PC, so the GAGEpack PC can be shutdown and users still get alerts
  • Automated emails will not affect the performance of GAGEpack

GAGEmail also makes email options from GAGEpack more versatile. Here are a few options that before now, were not possible:

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New gage calibration software release – GAGEpack 8.5!

Scott JohnsonWe are excited to announce the newest release of GAGEpack EZ, the most complete and affordable software for gage calibration tracking, is now available! GAGEpack EZ 8.5 now comes with two free utilities. These will make your gage management easier than ever before:

  • GAGEpack Remote is a new utility that can be installed on a laptop to take with you to the shop floor, or wherever your gages are maintained.
  • GAGEmail is a utility to help manage email alerts 24/7, such as reminders to calibrate gages or friendly warnings of overdue calibrations.

Check out the GAGEpack ‘What’s new?’ page to learn more and to download a 30-day trial!

Software tip: 9 easy steps to creating GAGEpack reports

Scott JohnsonEach week I get calls from GAGEpack users who need to create new reports. It just so happens that we have an easy way to create new reports without having to know a single line of SQL coding. Creating your own report allows you to pick all the columns and design it just the way you like. I’ll outline how to make a report in 9 easy steps.

1. Open the Reports List.
2. Click on the ‘New’ button.

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Software tip: Direct data in SQCpack

Scott JohnsonI recently received a call from Tom who was keying gage data into SQCpack through a keyboard. Tom called because his company was interested in reducing the amount of time that it was taking to get their data into SQCpack. I learned that he was writing down the readings, walking across the plant to the PC, then typing the numbers into SQCpack. There were multiple ways to make their data entry more efficient.

First, I suggested moving the computer to the production area. This was not an option as this PC was in use by the supervisor and could not be moved. My next suggestion was to purchase another PC. This solution was also denied due to the cost. Eventually, the company agreed to move an unused PC from an old production area to the current production area. This move alone saved them a great deal of time.

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Software tip: Creating a wild card filter in GAGEpack gage calibration software

Scott JohnsonMany people are surprised when they see GAGEpack’s Search and Replace function in action. This is a powerful feature that I think most every GAGEpack user could use. But, use this feature with caution, as ALL gages can be modified.

First, let’s suppose you name all of your gages with a 3-digit code for department. In this example, we will say your gage numbers in the plating department start out with the letters ‘PLT’. Next, we assume you are interested in using the group field to record the department the gage is assigned to.

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