Data in everyday life: Riding statistical ups and downs for your favorite amusement parks

Matt WellmanNothing says summer quite like amusement parks. The roller coasters, water rides, food, and shows: there is really nothing better. I have my personal favorite parks, but I have always wondered how they rank against other amusement parks in the United States in terms of attendance. I am excluding parks run by Disney and Universal–who can really compete with them?–and they are more theme parks than they are amusement parks.

As you can see from the first chart, two are really outperforming the rest, but these are open all year, and the other four are seasonal. In the second chart, you can see how the seasonal parks stack up with one another. You can also see that after the 2008 recession, all of the parks took a hit, but for the most part they did rebound and some are even doing better.

Find your favorite amusement park or parks on these charts; we hope you’ll be able to enjoy them plenty of times this summer.