Quality quiz (December 2016)—and November’s quiz winners!

Winners of last month’s quiz and a copy of Practical Tools for Continuous Improvement: Volume 1 are John Colligan, Ryan Halford, and Dennis Foote. Congratulations! For this month’s quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Practical Tools for Continuous Improvement: Volume 1, submit your response by December 31.

Armand A. Legge is plant manager for Window Swipe, Inc., a firm that has revolutionized window washing by developing a no-rub cleaning product for glass. It is simply sprayed onto a window, where it sponges up all grime before evaporating. The product is bottled in containers.

Legge asks the quality manager, Al Aboard, to collect 36 sample bottles from the manufacturing line and weigh them. He finds that the average weight of the contents is 16.1 ounces, with a standard deviation of 3.1 for the 36 bottles. Armand states that any additional bottle made will have a weight of 16.1 oz.

a) Agree

b) Disagree

3 thoughts on “Quality quiz (December 2016)—and November’s quiz winners!

  1. b) Disagree

    One-Sample T
    Test of μ = 16,1 vs ≠ 16,1
    N Mean StDev SE Mean 95% CI T P
    36 16,100 3,100 0,517 (15,051. 17,149) 0,00 1,000

  2. n=36, S=3.1, x(bar)=16.1
    Considering 95% confidence level, calculated confidence interval for the mean is 15.087 to 17.1127,
    next bottle may not average 16.1.
    Answer: disagree

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