Keeping track: Dashboard gives quick overview

Eric GasperWith countless numbers of processes and interminable amounts of data to consider, managers can often lose sight of critical information, including management of measurement devices and the records of calibration and maintenance. A Dashboard feature in GAGEpack by PQ Systems puts this essential information at their fingertips, offering a quick overview of the ways in which the process is being managed.

Poring over lists of data related to records of calibration events, gage replacements, and maintenance records is enough to have a soporific effect on the most diligent manager. On the other hand, a quick look at a Dashboard will provide genuine information rather than simply individual data points. For example, examine the following list of calibration equipment:

Calibrations due today: 8
Calibrations due this week: 29
Calibrations due this month: 58
14 Calibrations are overdue at the moment
From now till June 19th there are 132 calibrations, 39 maintenance events, and 9 MSA studies.

This is a great deal of information to wade through to determine your overall workload, and requires further research to determine which calibrations apply to each category:

Contrast the accessibility of this list with the following Dashboard that summarizes the data in an easy-to-access and highly understandable form:

A simple mouse click will summon information that can be quickly digested and analyzed, rather than tediously studied. The top left chart, for example, gives immediate access to the status of the most commonly used gages. A manager can see exactly how many gages are currently labeled as “missing” in the database, for example:

This chart at the bottom left of the Dashboard offers a great way to see recently completed calibrations.  It is often helpful to review past efforts to see what months were the busiest.  Then you can make adjustments to the future schedule to even-out the projected workload. The analysis is instant, especially as compared to the simple list of data indicated above.

In the bottom right chart, upcoming events are immediately clear:

As the name implies, this chart shows all of the upcoming service events for the gages and tools.  It is easy to focus on what is due this week; however, great insight can be gained from looking farther into the future.  It can be critical to have all available resources on hand for the months with the most work.

The top right charts indicate past due and remaining due events:

This area displays a numerical view of serviceable events that are either overdue or are still remaining for the current month.  The intention is to allow users and managers to get a handle on the current workload – what needs done right now.

It’s clear that visual representations translate data into information; with a Dashboard, this information becomes instantly accessible, not only saving time but assuring that nothing will be missed in the management of calibration devices, regardless of the size of the inventory.