Customers ask, PQ Systems delivers: Requested features in SQCpack

“I’d really like to see real-time chart alarms and notifications.”
“How about customized out-of-control charts that are easy to create?”
“I wish I could see my chart in real time, even though it’s saved in another application.”
“Do you think you could translate the application into Portuguese?”

When customers ask for features in PQ Systems software solutions, little do they know how thoroughly these ideas are considered by the development team and technical support analysts. Most of the suggestions end up as usable features in the program, as it is updated and continually released to those with maintenance agreements.

A major release of SQCpack took place earlier this year, but developers continue to add features and improve established attributes. Nearly all of these have been derived from customer conversations, many in tech support communication. Of course, trade shows and other opportunities to speak directly with users are responsible for efforts to improve PQ Systems software applications as well.

So what new features and capabilities appear in the program as a result of customer requests? Drum roll, please, as project manager Matt Savage lists some:

  • Email and text message alerting for out-of-control and out-of-spec data. View video.
  • Certificate of Analysis: A quick and easy way to present summary information for your data.
  • Ability to integrate with existing systems, connect to handheld devices and CMM equipment, and access data from a variety of software resources. View video.
  • StatBoard®: A statistical dashboard that provides at-a-glance process summary information for data-driven decision making. View video.
  • SQCpack has switched from MS Access to SQL Server for a robust easy-to-use database.
  • Ability to view a chart in real-time when data is saved in another application such as Excel, SQL Server, etc.
  • Sample prompting to remind users when data should be entered.
  • New language support for German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin.
  • SQCpack Six-Way Analysis, a feature that will present an at-a-glance overview of processes with six charts, is also in the works for the application. Charts include a central tendency chart, range or moving range chart, run chart, histogram, normal probability plot, and a capability summary.

Other enhanced and improved features include:

  • database security, user rights and control
  • auditing
  • real-time charting
  • ability to insert chart in PowerPoint
  • easy to create and use customized out-of-control tests

So, seizing a tagline adopted by many police agencies: If you see something, say something. You may think you’re the only one who needs a specific feature, but there are undoubtedly others who would benefit from the suggestion.

And you may be surprised when your suggested feature shows up in your next application update.

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  1. I would like to see the “slide show” feature, which we used heavily in Chartrunner, added to SQCpack features.

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