Bytes and pieces: News you can use

Conferences coming up: The AIAG annual Quality Summit will take place in Novi, MI, September 22-23, with a focus on the consumer experience. Visit PQ Systems’ booth in the exhibit hall (#23). In addition, the annual fall conference of the Deming Institute will take place in Ames, IA ,September 18-20, and the Canadian Quality Congress is scheduled September 28-29 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Reducing food waste: The Consumer Goods Forum board of directors has agreed on a food waste resolution to prevent food waste; cut per capita global food waste at the consumer level in half; and reduce food losses along production and supply chains.

Track product recalls: Check recalls for consumer products from lawn mowers to nut choppers that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2015.

While the terminology may be updated, design thinking rests on the foundation principles established in process control, including the PDSA cycle for improvement and tools for problem solving (see page 21).