Leaner, faster, easier: GAGEpack features improve your life

Whoever invented the original concept for the Search & Replace feature in software programs would be delighted to see how far the concept has come. The upcoming version of GAGEpack, scheduled for a second quarter 2014 release, expands on previously available Search & Replace capabilities to make the management of large gage inventories as simple as possible.

The “Search & Replace” family of utilities exists to give the user the ability to quickly make a single change to many gages all at once. In the prior release of GAGEpack, the only search and replace utility was a single-field mechanism. A user could pick a single gage characteristic (“gage type,” for example), and enter a single value (“micrometer,” for example), and GAGEpack would update all of the gages in the database which match the criteria specified by the currently active inventory filter. In the example above, all of the gages would have their type set to “micrometer.”

The new version of GAGEpack will offer three new Search & Replace utilities.

The first allows the user to pick a calibration steps template, and the steps in that template are added to all of the gages on the inventory grid.

In the second, a list of all the master gages in the database appears, and the user selects specific master gages, which are then assigned to all of the currently-visible gages.

And a third utility allows a user to select a PM plan (a named collection of PM tasks), and these are added to all the gages in the currently-visible inventory grid.

The expansion of this critical feature of GAGEpack is even more dramatic with an inventory of a large number of gages, of course. But lead developer David Shattuck points out that even with a much smaller collection, the Search & Replace utility simplifies a complex process, saving time and ultimately assuring greater levels of accuracy in calibration systems.