The Thanksgiving season

Mike ClearyAs the U.S. celebrates our annual Thanksgiving holiday, gathered around tables filled with good food and surrounded by good company, PQ Systems takes a moment to think of our own reasons to be grateful:

…for our employees;

…for a recovering economy;

…for the opportunity to serve;

…for a variety of learning opportunities;

…and most of all, for our customers.

To recognize our appreciation for those customers, our traditional company Thanksgiving pot luck luncheon this year was composed of a wide variety of dishes—all of which contained  ingredients produced by our customers in the food and beverage sector. You’d be surprised at the ways we utilized dairy products such as yogurt and cream cheese, a wide variety of meats, jams and peanut butter, grains and rice, and a host of other ingredients with our customers’ names on them.

We are indeed grateful not only for the plentiful supply of food that these customers bring to our tables, but also for the fact that they choose our software and training  to ensure the quality of their food and beverage products.

Thanks to all, and happy Thanksgiving.