Selection of GAGEpack reflects company’s commitment to quality

A company with pride in the quality of its products needs to be very sure that its suppliers boast of the same levels of quality in what they provide. For Imagineering Machine, that means selecting GAGEpack from PQ Systems to assure accuracy in gage calibration records.

This family-owned business, with headquarters in St. Louis Park, MN, has been known for its excellence in close tolerance production and prototype machining for nearly 30 years. Now ISO9001 certified, the company has always taken pride in its approach to quality. Its customers remark about the company that “they do not disappoint,” in their consistently high quality standards. A customer working with Imagineering Machine on a part used in the wind power industry nominated the company for “Innovation of the Americas,” and Imagineering Machine was recognized with this award in 2010.

Pursuing this innovation, Imagineering Machine recently added a new Haas ST20SSY Live Tool Lathe, according to the company website. The new machine brings the latest in turning technology to the company, while allowing more time for the CNC Milling department. The company is known for pushing the limits of machines to increase productivity, while tightening tolerances and providing high quality machined parts.

Imagineering Machine’s commitment to quality extends to all manufacturing operations, which are designed to meet customers’ most demanding specifications. Processes from receiving to machining to final inspection are documented, and machining operations maintain tight tolerances. Craig Livingston, who heads the Quality Control Department, oversees maintenance of inspection records and material certifications, with several hundred various types of gages and tools to calibrate, manage, and oversee. Statistical process control is used to assure quality in tools and inspection equipment.

Using GAGEpack in the auditing process, “it was easy to go through each tool and process without having to run around gathering information,” Livingston says, A unique use of GAGEpack is using the program to track nonconformances, both internal and external, and this ability has helped the company breeze through the auditing process. The ability to link to existing documents, part numbers, and important information regarding NCR’s or NIST information for example, simplifies the company’s control of processes. “We know what’s really going on all the time,” he says.

Livingston commented on Imagineering Machine’s experience with GAGEpack. “You provide outstanding products. You have really saved us during audits, and interesting to note as well, the simplicity of your software made our auditor really appreciate it. The software is easy to manage and very simple to understand and does everything you need.”

In a high-tech precision machining process, ease of use is a clear advantage in the tools that the company requires to maintain the quality of its products, but quality is the fundamental demand that Imagineering Machine makes of its suppliers.

And PQ Systems is pleased to have been selected by this top notch company to support its commitment to quality.