Data in everyday life: Paid vacation

Summer will arrive this month in the northern hemisphere, and workers begin to count the days till vacation. When it comes to paid time off, the US is the only developed country that does not mandate paid vacation time for workers. This chart reflects the top countries for providing vacation time, with the U.S. at the bottom.

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2 thoughts on “Data in everyday life: Paid vacation

  1. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics. This looks like manipulation of data to serve an agenda. Where are S. Korea, China, and Russia? How many of those EU countries are bankrupt and making financial headlines daily? Why should a national legislature mandate paid time off?

  2. Maybe that’s why they are bankrupt and making financial headlines just like the US. Who pays the mandatory vacation time when they’re unemployed? Another statistic! More work and less play seems to work just fine for the United States, especially in these economic times. Statistics! Plus most of us do get vacation and time off regardless of it being another law. Health care cost and fiscal debt reform is greatly needed but otherwise than that we could be a lot worse off. Keep an eye on the immigration stats once the new laws are passed. We will be supporting the immigrants from those countries who want that mandatory vacation stat to change here. Just think of all the statistics that will be generated to support these issues!

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