Learning curve made smoother with half-day gage management training

Whether you’re an experienced leader when it comes to gage management or new at the job, there’s always more to learn. This half day program will enlarge your understanding of best practices in gage management and make your job easier. If you want to improve your gage inventory and calibration systems, this is the ticket for you.

This hands-on program specifically addresses the needs of those who want to learn how to improve their existing system or set up a new system for gage management. If you want to discover an easy, safe, fast and proven way of gage management, you are urged to attend. You don’t have to bring your computer—we’ll supply one for your use. You’ll learn gage management best practices currently being implemented at Honeybee Robotics, 3M, Honda Transmission Mfg., Crestview Aerospace and many other high performance organizations, including:

  • How to prevent inaccurate records
  • How to enable an audit trail
  • How to stay on top of gage calibration events
  • How to take and note corrective actions

Other eye-opening solutions will address:

  • Five problems with unsupported systems
  • How to ensure your system doesn’t result in audit non-conformities
  • Four things your security could be lacking
  • What to do when a gage fails calibration
  • Five smart organizing tips for your records

The training will take place in Dayton, OH on May 2, and in Waukesha, WI, on June 13. Registration is only $59. To register or learn more, call 800-777-3020 or visit the event web page.