GAGEpack software helps Cadorath Aerospace manage more than calibrations

Keeping track—whether of customers, measurement systems, product development, or training—is often a daunting task for organizations, especially those with multiple sites and hundreds of employees. Cadorath, a multi-faceted international company, approaches this task by using GAGEpack, not only for its calibration records, but in a unique application to employee training records.

With hundreds of processes in-house, Cadorath has several divisions, products, and services—and a commitment to training its employees in order to provide high-quality solutions to a variety of industries. More than 250 skilled team members work to provide products and services to the aviation, industrial, agricultural, and consumer goods sectors and have remained committed to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction throughout the company’s more than 55-year history.

Ray Last, Director of Operations at Cadorath Aerospace in Louisiana, has used GAGEpack not only in his current position, but as Quality Director in the company’s Winnipeg headquarters, where he first used GAGEpack in 1997. This was back when GAGEpack was DOS-based, Last points out. “We needed something to manage our tools, since we had no outside local providers for calibration services. Manual monitoring was a burden, as we had well over 200 tools to track and maintain. A log book system worked okay, but the method did not lend well to efficiency.”

Cadorath’s divisions provide aerospace services, including helicopter repair. Its other divisions offer distribution of aeronautical products and components, auger flighting and screw conveyor forming capacity, leasing of helicopters to support businesses across North America, and coating and plating solutions to industries.

With this kind of diversity in its operations, Cadorath has had to make a serious commitment to quality processes to assure reliability in all of its operations. Training represents a key component in this assurance. Keeping training records accurate and up to date and tracking training patterns for this many employees is a job that could be mind boggling. However, Last has discovered that GAGEpack can relieve the burden of this complexity by creating entries in GAGEpack as either gage ID numbers or people’s actual names, entering details of what the entry is for, such as eye exams or specific regulatory classes or courses that must be performed, then selecting the required intervals for the notification for recurring cycles. “We also use the software for document review with a calibration cycle to verify if industry standards such as ASTM, AMS, and others have updated,” Last says, in order to assure continued compliance. “Since we have the ability to link the path to a specific file for review, we now have a quick link to details and history of the personnel file for validation during various audits, showing the results or certificates.” With this approach, the organization has eliminated the need to keep paper files. GAGEpack’s backup option secures the data, for peace of mind.

The company also utilizes Quality Workbench for Quality Monitoring. Before this feature was available, GAGEpack was also used for quality auditing monitoring.

Cadorath’s experience demonstrates the ways in which GAGEpack supports the kind of creative problem solving that the organization encourages.

It makes you wonder what else GAGEpack can do for you.

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