Reader survey: Quality time on the job

October is National Quality Month. PQ Systems celebrates quality professionals and quality champions around the world that are passionate about quality like we are. The roles and responsibilities of a quality professional can be vast. Where do you focus most of your quality improvement efforts throughout a typical day? Plus, see the results of last month’s poll.

Here’s a reader survey question for October: As we celebrate October as National Quality Month, we also recognize the many roles and responsibilities of a quality professional. Where do you focus most of your attention and time throughout the day? Let us know by October 26 so we can include your response in next month’s chart.

As a quality professional, I spend most of my time…

Thank you for participating in our survey!

Quality improvement barriers

Last month, we asked what barriers exist in your organization as it relates to quality or performance improvement. This CHARTrunner Lean chart reflects your responses.