Celebration: Quality professionals

October is National Quality Month—a time to celebrate what we do to improve processes and assure quality all year long. We’d like to offer a little celebration of our own: Here’s to our quality professionals around the world!

I’m the champion of quality at my organization.
I harness the power of statistics to make data-driven decisions.
I wear many hats as I drive quality.
Quality improvement is a way of life for me.

I help…
Monitor processes using statistical tools.
Train others to recognize quality.
Eliminate waste.
Teach tools for improvement.
Make processes more efficient.
Reduce costs of scrap and rework.
Devise efficient ways to use machines and materials.
Improve customer satisfaction.
Increase product quality.
Provide proof of quality.
Comply with regulations.
Save time and money.

You’ll find me on shop floor, in the lab, with the customer, on my phone, with suppliers, on the line, in a training room. You know me when you see me.

I am among a half million quality professionals in the U.S. alone.

I am awesome.

Are you responsible for any other activities that help drive quality in your organization? Let us hear from you by commenting below.