Hurray! World Quality Month is here!

Remember National Quality Month? October was at one time designated in this way, to call attention to improvement of products and processes across the nation. PQ Systems celebrated at that time with an international quality conference, a giant banner posted across the front of our building, and ongoing  articulation of our quality mission. World Quality Day was at that time celebrated in November.

The two have now combined, emphasizing the global realities of quality and its importance in an increasingly global trade system. November is the time to bring attention to the impact that attention to quality continues to have in every part of the world. In more sober economic times than those of past celebrations, banners and meetings may no longer be part of the mix, but we continue to expand the reach of our products and services that help organizations around the world demonstrate proof of their own quality.

To see how World Quality Month is being observed around the world, go to the ASQ blog:

What are you doing to call attention to the quality of your products and processes?