Share your charting story, create a charting innovation

Steve DaumYou are looking at a chart. You are going through an analysis and interpretation process. What data is being represented? How important is the data? Does the chart signal any changes? Does the chart show anything that is “bad” or “good?”  Does the chart offer proof of quality?

Ultimately, you want to answer the question: is any action required based on what I see?

Now, think about the workflow leading up to this. How did the chart get created?  How was the data gathered? What part of the process was difficult or error prone? Would it have been possible for you to miss this chart among your other tasks?

At PQ we’ve been pondering questions like these for more than twenty years. We are working hard on our products and services to reduce friction in your quality improvement processes. If you have a charting story to tell, please share it with us; who knows, it may lead to the next great quality improvement solution.