Fun challenge with a great iPod Touch prize: Just make a chart with this data

Make a chart and you could win an iPod Touch Like contests and challenges? You can put away your online copy of crosswords or Sudoku. Here’s one you can do from your desk without feeling guilty about wasting company time…

If you use CHARTrunner, or if you are evaluating CHARTrunner on a free trial basis, this will be a breeze for you. If you have a flare for design, you’ll love it.

Here’s how it works: Using a standard data set, simply create a CHARTrunner chart. Click here to download the data set or email us to request it. Sounds simple, right? Using CHARTrunner is, of course, the simplest aspect of this task. We encourage you to delve deeply into the data, and create a chart that helps others understand the data at a glance.

The second step is to email your chart to our panel of judges, who will award an iPod Touch for the best submission based on the following criteria:

  1. the most informative chart;
  2. the most aesthetically pleasing visualization;
  3. the most surprising information illuminated from the data set.

To qualify to win your own iPod Touch, submit your chart, following these rules:

  1. use only CHARTrunner and the supplied data (no additions); no touching up chart using Photoshop or other programs;
  2. submit your chart file and the chart style file before July 15, the deadline for the contest;
  3. agree to let us publish your chart in an issue of Quality eLine;

The panel of experts who will judge the entries include members of PQ Systems development team, design team, and marketing team, plus a current customer who is not employed by the company.

This is your chance to push your knowledge of CHARTrunner features to their limit, and to discover new ways of creating charts from the software.

Note: This contest is not open to PQ employees or their families.