Prius, BP oil, Benadryl, coal mining: quality in the news

Mike ClearyRecalls of Toyotas (including Prius and Lexus models), news of quality issues that have halted use of 40 over-the-counter children’s drugs, an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that reveals failure of several back-up emergency systems, a mine collapse with evidence of negligence: all of these recent newsmakers highlight the critical importance of putting quality methods in place and being able to prove that systems to prevent failure are indeed sustained and working.

These systems are necessary to assure quality in products and processes, and when they involve potential loss of human life, this is even more true. How can a big company with multiple product lines assure the quality of its products and avoid recalls that are related to issues of quality? And how do companies communicate their concerns to customers in a timely way? These and other questions are raised by recent events.

What steps is your company doing to avoid these kinds of catastrophes?

3 thoughts on “Prius, BP oil, Benadryl, coal mining: quality in the news

  1. Having a process for quality certainly has impact. BP and Toyota will need to work hard to build back the reputation they once had. Quality has huge brand value.

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