PQ Systems celebrating 25 years

Mike ClearyRemember 1984? The Cosby Show premiered. So did Miami Vice. Mary Lou Retton won gold medals. Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial. Geraldine Ferraro became the first female vice presidential candidate. Apple released its first Macintosh computer (replacing the Apple IIE, on which the first SQCpack had been created in 1983). PQ Systems was born.

Yes, we’re 25 years old this month. We’ve maintained a string of great software and training products during that time—SQCpack, CHARTrunner, GAGEpack, DOEpack, Total Quality Transformation among them—and missed the market on some—QDS OnLine, for example. Like most 25-year-olds, we’re still learning, thanks to our customers and their feedback. Our training sessions keep evolving, not only in technology (from printed seminar books then to on-line webinars now) but also in content, as our customers become more knowledgeable about SPC and about technology itself. And like other twentysomethings, we’re a little impatient for what’s ahead, and never satisfied with what is.

So we hope we’ll keep learning and leading. Help us with that. And wish us a happy birthday!

One thought on “PQ Systems celebrating 25 years

  1. Dr. Cleary,


    PQ Systems is a great company. An example of entrepreneurship,vision.

    Could you imagine, 25 years ago, all the countries and companies that have been possitively affected by your work?

    Well, for instance, I am writing from Costa Rica.

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