Software tip: Adding some style to your charts in CHARTrunner

Scott JohnsonEvery now and then I’m complimented on the way my charts look.  I’m not going to give myself all the credit. I mainly give the credit to the CHARTrunner and its designers.  Each month, I create a chart for our monthly newsletter, Quality eLine. I have found myself utilizing CHARTrunner’s chart style options more and more.  I would like to go through some of the advantages that I have found.

A few benefits of chart styles include:

  1. Helps produce consistent charts each time they are drawn;
  2. Allows you to assign fonts to different areas on the chart;
  3. Has many options for color management;
  4. Provides options for other various styles like line styles and data marker styles;
  5. Properly used, it can make charts easier to read;
  6. And there is no limit to the number of styles (each one is a file ending in .csc).

The default style folder is great if you are the only CHARTrunner user, but if you have more than one user in your organization you might consider making everyone’s styles available to all users by placing the styles folder on your network.

CHARTrunner has a default chart style for each chart type, but you can create more.  Styles are located next to chart definitions and there are a total of 4 style categories.  The style categories are Control Charts, Histograms, Scattergrams, and Pareto.

Once you are in the Style Definition tab, you can create more styles by selecting a style category then clicking on the green plus icon.

Here are a few example charts using different styles that I created.

Taking the extra time to configure these styles can be fun and rewarding.  So what are you waiting for?  Take control of your control charts.  Thanks for reading our blog and if you need help setting up your chart style, give me a call at 800-777-5060.