Thanks for responding!

Steve DaumWe recently surveyed some of our CHARTrunner users. Each time we do this, I am amazed at the diversity among our charting software users. CHARTrunner has found a home in so many different industries. If you responded to the survey, thank you. Your input is invaluable. It helps us to prioritize and plan for future product improvements.

For many years PQ has taken pride that our customers drive the next set of enhancements to our software products. Recently, we began an effort to shorten this feedback cycle. The idea is to get customer input earlier and more often during a project. To this end, we are having many reviews of progress throughout a project. Additionally, we are making daily builds of functioning, if incomplete, new versions as enhancements are added. It is important that we get feedback from non-software developers who have a stake in the project outcome. This means not only sales staff, tech support analysts, and the management team–but most importantly customers.

If you did not have a chance to respond to our survey or if you are interested in providing feedback on early product releases, feel free to drop me an email ( We would love to hear your suggestions and evaluations of early software builds.