Software tip: Automatic emailing in the new GAGEpack 8.5

Scott JohnsonLast month we released GAGEpack 8.5 that includes a new software utility GAGEmail. GAGEmail is a separate application that improves the way automated emails are sent.

  • 24/7 email alerts (emails even with GAGEpack is closed)
  • IT folks can manage this as they do other applications that run as a service
  • GAGEmail can run on a separate PC, so the GAGEpack PC can be shutdown and users still get alerts
  • Automated emails will not affect the performance of GAGEpack

GAGEmail also makes email options from GAGEpack more versatile. Here are a few options that before now, were not possible:

  • 3 priority levels for Calibration, R&R, & Maintenance
  • If your email server goes down, GAGEmail will store emails and send them once your email is running again
  • 3 email alerts can be sent before gages are overdue
  • You can select the number of days in advance that a warning will be sent
  • You can set custom alert emails for Calibration, R&R, & Maintenance
  • You can attach files to email alerts and have a different file attachment for Calibration, R&R, & Maintenance email alerts
  • Automatically include relevant information in your email alert by using Field Codes. For example @CalibDueDate pulls in the ‘Calibration due date’ for that gage OR @CurrentLocation pulls in the ‘Current location’ from the database.

Here are a couple screen shots from GAGEmail:

GAGEmail was born from customer requests. If you have ideas for GAGEpack we’d love to hear them. Visit the GAGEpack Enhancement page to provide them.