M is for monitoring

Steve DaumOver the past several months, I’ve been part of a team working on a new product that will rev up your SPC. CHARTrunner-m is a companion to CHARTrunner, our existing SPC charting software. CHARTrunner-m provides control chart monitoring and sends email and text message notifications when something out of the ordinary occurs.

I’m working with several customers who have installed a pre-release version of CHARTrunner-m. The official release is just a few weeks away. In my nearly 25 years at PQ Systems, I’ve worked on many exciting projects, but this is the most innovative project I’ve been a part of.

This technology will boost our customers’ ability to monitor control charts without significant cost increases–something I know will help our customers in these tough economic times! That’s why I wanted to spill the beans here on the blog a little early. The marketing department will put out the official release info soon, so stay tuned to this space!