Software tip: 9 easy steps to creating GAGEpack reports

Scott JohnsonEach week I get calls from GAGEpack users who need to create new reports. It just so happens that we have an easy way to create new reports without having to know a single line of SQL coding. Creating your own report allows you to pick all the columns and design it just the way you like. I’ll outline how to make a report in 9 easy steps.

1. Open the Reports List.
2. Click on the ‘New’ button.

3. Drag the fields that you want onto the page.
4. To remove a column, drag one of the yellow cells in a column to the trashcan.
5. Drag the column to the size and width you prefer.
6. Drag the field(s) that you want to drive the report into Prompts.
7. Drag a field into the Order by box. (Calibration due date is a popular way of organizing this information.)

8. Preview the report.

9. If you like the report, click on the ‘Save’ icon and give the report a memorable name.

Additional options

Where – The ‘Where’ box is used to create filter conditions. This option is great if you only want to look at active gages. Drag your field into the ‘Where’ box to begin.

Group – Use the ‘Group’ box to divide your reports into separate lists or groups. A good example of this is grouping them by gage type. Drag your field into the ‘Group’ box to use this option.

Category – The ‘All Reports’ category has about 150 reports. This large number of reports can make for a time consuming task when trying to locate a specific report. User created reports are all tagged to be in the ‘User-defined’ category and the ‘All reports’ category. To assign a report to more categories click on the ‘Category’ box.

Title/headers & Footers – Add title/header and footer information to reports to provide more information about your printouts.

In early versions of GAGEpack, reports were designed exclusively for printing. Current versions of GAGEpack provide more advanced options with reports, making them much more flexible. Reports can be printed, saved to files, and emailed. The electronic reporting options can help you save on paper and provide view-anywhere convenience via email and web applications. If you need help setting up a report, give me a call at 800-777-5060.