Searching for a quality job or employee?

Mike ClearyWritten Chinese characters for the word “crisis” have two elements, representing “danger” and “opportunity.” This ancient wisdom suggests that every crisis contains an element of opportunity—a hard lesson to be remembered in these days of economic downturn and massive layoffs.

Companies faced with diminished sales are turning to quality improvement as a way to save money and avoid further layoffs, according to observers, providing opportunities not only for quality professionals, but also for companies that may survive the crisis as stronger, more competitive organizations.

In the meantime, of course, lies the “danger” part: layoffs are painful, and staff reductions leave no one feeling safe. The network of quality organizations, companies, and professionals, however, may represent the “opportunity” part of the equation.

As part of this network, PQ Systems invites those who have lost their jobs to post links to their resumes and those who can use qualified professionals to link to position postings. Use the comments section below for our blog community to see. Acting as a link between job-seekers and job-providers is one way we can lend a helping hand.

We welcome your suggestions, your input, and of course, your link if you wish to post it.

One thought on “Searching for a quality job or employee?

  1. Hi

    Good Morning!

    My name is Ben Carpenetti.

    I am a Healthcare Executive with twenty plus years of experience specializing in Hospital, Clinic, and Home Health operations with a proven ability to deliver fast, significant, sustainable bottom-line results.

    Extensive background in delivering long-term cost reductions and improvements that exceed the demands of patients, physicians and payors who expect high-quality care and services at the lowest possible cost.

    Most recently I was with Sodexo Healthcare Services as a Service Redesign Director. I was an internal consultant that implemented quality improvements.

    For example completed in Detroit MI at St John we achieved the highest Press Ganey patient satisfaction in recorded history. While at the same time we eliminated over $600,000 dollars of wasted costs.

    However like many organizations in this economy, Sodexo eliminated 1 of 3 division vice presidents. This has meant 35 positions were taken off the Org chart, including mine.

    I am looking for an opportunity to put my 20 plus years of healthcare experience to focus on improving healthcare quality.

    When healthcare quality is high, everything else follows.

    Patients are delighted. Physicians and employees are happy, efficient and effective. Market share rises.

    Cost structure is reduced and margins increase.

    Open to relocation or part time consulting with 100% travel.

    Ben Carpenetti,
    Fellow HIMSS,
    Senior Member Institute of Industrial Engineers,
    Member American Society for Quality,
    American College of Healthcare Executives,
    Lean 6-Sigma Black & Blue Belt

    2711 Ormond Street
    Murfreesboro, TN 37130
    The United States of America
    In God We Trust

    Nashville area at 615-424-4245


    Web Site:

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