Software tip: Direct data in SQCpack

Scott JohnsonI recently received a call from Tom who was keying gage data into SQCpack through a keyboard. Tom called because his company was interested in reducing the amount of time that it was taking to get their data into SQCpack. I learned that he was writing down the readings, walking across the plant to the PC, then typing the numbers into SQCpack. There were multiple ways to make their data entry more efficient.

First, I suggested moving the computer to the production area. This was not an option as this PC was in use by the supervisor and could not be moved. My next suggestion was to purchase another PC. This solution was also denied due to the cost. Eventually, the company agreed to move an unused PC from an old production area to the current production area. This move alone saved them a great deal of time.

The next step was to show Tom a popular feature of SQCpack that allows a connection to a data device. We set up SQCpack to work with a digital scale with electronic output. The only thing missing was a cable to connect this to their PC and that was easily ordered from a hardware vendor. Now data goes directly from the scale into SQCpack, eliminating any typing on Tom’s part.

These two changes saved Tom’s company approximately four hours per week and resulted in fewer mistakes.

How to set up SQCpack with one device:

Click Add if you want to a new device added to the list.

Configure the device. (NOTE: For this step, it is best to have your device’s connection settings or manual handy.)

Set the connection settings and click test. (You need to have the device connected to the PC prior to this step.)

Next, press the ‘send data’ button on your device. (The data button may be listed as print, hold/data, or it could be a foot switch.)

If your device is set up properly, the reading on the device will display under ‘Input mask’.

Next, you will need to highlight the data that will be sent into SQCpack. In my example, I have highlighted .53430. This would be the value entered into the SQCpack database. Click ‘OK’ to save the settings.

Next, you need to select the device that your group will be assigned to. Modify the group. Click on the Misc. tab and update the ‘Data device to use:’ setting by selecting your device. Click Save.

To use: Open data entry. Click on the Device menu to enable your device. Once your device is enabled, it will have a check next to it like the example below.

Now, your data should appear in the cell.

If you would like help walking through the data device connection process, give me a call. I’m at 800-777-5060.