Software tip: Creating a wild card filter in GAGEpack gage calibration software

Scott JohnsonMany people are surprised when they see GAGEpack’s Search and Replace function in action. This is a powerful feature that I think most every GAGEpack user could use. But, use this feature with caution, as ALL gages can be modified.

First, let’s suppose you name all of your gages with a 3-digit code for department. In this example, we will say your gage numbers in the plating department start out with the letters ‘PLT’. Next, we assume you are interested in using the group field to record the department the gage is assigned to.

1) Creating a wild card filter.

Wild card filters require the ‘Is Like’ comparison and an * (asterisks) at the open end of the value.

2) Using search and replace.

After filtering your list, go to Gages > Search and Replace.

Select the field you plan to update using the ‘Field to change’ dropdown menu.

Type in the information you want in this field under ‘Replace contents with’.

Click ‘yes’.

This is an example of a gage list before the search and replace:

This is an example of a gage list after the search and replace:

The only gages that are modified are those that were part of the filter. Remember to always filter first! Used properly, this feature can save time, fix and eliminate spelling errors, and help you maintain accurate and up-to-date gage information.