Trade Show Season is Finally Here! See Where You Can Find PQ Systems

On your mark, get ready… the 2014 trade show season is finally here and PQ Systems will be in attendance at several of the shows. Will we see you at these events, too? If so, look for us on the show floor!

IMTS 2014

Leave your calendar open September 8-13 for IMTS 2014. As the largest manufacturing show in the Western hemisphere, this event is a must-attend.

The show provides a quality platform to discuss manufacturing technologies and solutions for the automotive industry. You will find plenty to interest you here as common manufacturing issues are discussed. It’s also a valuable opportunity to network with key people in the industry.

There is a range of exhibits to browse, with in-booth events and conference sessions to attend. The IMTS show takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago, where it is held every two years. Registration is available through the event’s website or on-site any day of the event. Make new business contacts and learn about today’s newest technologies at the IMTS 2014 show. Be sure to visit us at booth #5255, in the East hall.

NAHQ Annual Conference

Download free SPC charting white papers

Learn about control charts at the NAHQ Conference

Another event where you will find PQ Systems is the NAHQ conference on September 7-10 in Nashville, TN. As the healthcare system is changing so quickly, this exciting trade show is a great place to stay up to date on trends, as well as best practices.

Enjoy a range of exhibits and educational sessions during the three-day event. Regardless of whether you are a manager or a front-line worker in the healthcare industry, there’s much to gain from attending the show. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the session “What Makes Control Charts Work” which will be presented by PQ’s own Dr. Michael Cleary, Ph.D. and then network with leading players in the industry.

You can also browse exhibits that specialize in publications, software, accreditation, data analysis and more. Stop by and see us at booth #300.

AIAG Quality Summit

The AIAG Quality Summit provides a wealth of information as a trade show designed for automotive industry professionals. The conference is a popular one for suppliers, customers and manufacturers in the automotive field.

This year’s event runs from Sept 24-25 at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI, and bears the title “Quality for Emerging Technologies.” As technologies for automobiles are constantly in flux, this event promises to provide valuable insights into new designs and also into related issues with technologies. As with the majority of trade shows, the AIAG conference is a great opportunity to converse with experts in the field. We’ll be at booth #13.

Come out and join PQ Systems at these exciting events as we learn about the best practices, newest technologies and up-and-coming trends in a range of industries. The 2014 trade show season is here, and it is one you won’t want to miss!

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The differences between control limits and spec (specification) limits

Matt SavageThe differences between control limits and spec (specification) limits may seem irrelevant or nonexistent to those outside process production, but the gulf between them is in fact huge. In fact, they are two entirely different animals.

Spec limits may be designated by a customer, engineer, etc., indicating the allowable spread of a given measurement. Control limits, on the other hand, emerge from the process. The process data will determine what control limits are and help determine the stability of the process.

If one is tempted to use spec limits as control limits, the advice from process engineers and statisticians as well is simple: Don’t.

For an X-bar chart, for example, such as the one illustrated below, all of the X-bar values are well within the designated spec limits. Things are fine, right?

Not so fast. Remember that an “X-bar” is an average. And as PQ Development Manager Steve Daum points out, if you put one foot in a bucket of ice water and the other into extremely hot water, the average water temperature may be perfectly temperate, indicating a comfortable situation. In fact, the average does not reflect the range of the separate data points, one of which might be 33 degrees Fahrenheit, and the other 180 degrees. Comfortable? Probably not.

A histogram of the same process offers a much clearer picture of the reality of this process (see chart), with some data values well outside the specification limits, indicating an unacceptable result.

Let your data do the talking, when it comes to control limits. Don’t confuse information from the process with requirements for the process.

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Quality quiz (August 2014): This month’s quiz from Professor Cleary—and July’s quiz winners!

Mike ClearyThis month, we see Dinah Thyrst’s quest for black belt status with its further impact on the quality of Brush Broom’s products. Winners of last month’s quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox are John Driver (American Roller Bearing); Susan Irwin (Defiance Metal); and Randy Wahl (Minnesota Rubber and Plastics). Congratulations! For this month’s quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Quality Gamebox, submit your response by August 29.

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Bytes and pieces: News you can use

Registration open: The 2014 IMTS exhibit will take place September 8-13 at McCormick Place, Chicago. To register, visit this website.

Pacing: The German word takt means musical meter or beat. In a manufacturing setting, it is used to refer to the pace, or “beat,” of production, with implications for lean manufacturing.

Safety failure closes factories: China has suspended work at more than 200 factories in an eastern province for safety checks as part of a nationwide review following an explosion at an auto parts plant that killed 75 people, government officials and state media said.

Food recall: Mr. Wok Foods has recalled nearly 15,000 pounds of its raw pork nugget product, citing misbranding and an undeclared allergen content.

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SQFI Now Includes Unannounced Audits in SQF Code Being Implemented This Month

New Food Quality Regulations

New Safe Quality Food Program Regulations

In February 2014, The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) announced that new Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) regulations will be rolled out in July 2014 that impact current audit protocols. These regulations are set to take effect soon and it is important to understand how they will affect quality control in the food industry.

A major part of these new regulations is the incorporation of an unannounced audit protocol, putting pressure on organizations to be audit-ready at any time. This development will make SQF the “first internationally accredited third-party assessment program to require unannounced audits,” and will be made possible by a partnership with its Technical Advisory Council. SQFI Senior Vice President Robert Garfield issued a statement explaining the reasoning behind the new regulations; “We made the decision to enhance the rigor of the SQFI program after consulting with numerous stakeholders. We understand that the food industry must respond to and meet the nation’s food safety challenges more rapidly and effectively, which require a more nimble approach to our program.”

While the new audit protocol may seem daunting to those in the food industry, only one out of three annual audits will be unannounced. This is an effort to raise the condition and productivity of food and beverage producers, who the public depends on for the highest safety and quality standards in food.

As technology, trends, and demand shift within the food industry so do the quality standards and regulations that must be met. PQ System is here to provide customers with the tools they need to make sure these regulations are met through our quality control software and training programs. We look forward to seeing how industry output, quality, and safety is improved from these new programs.

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Quality quiz (July 2014): This month’s quiz from Professor Cleary—and June’s quiz winners!

Mike ClearyWinners of last month’s quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox are Greg Yeager (Defiance Stamping); David Martin (Katayama American Co. Inc.); Bridget Hurley (Kaiser Permanente); and Jaap van der Wiel (AkzoNobel Car Refinishes). Congratulations! For this month’s quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Quality Gamebox, submit your response by July 25.

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