PQ a participant in export internship program

In its commitment to supporting young people of promise, PQ Systems has been among organizations in Ohio that have offered internships through the Ohio Export Internship Program, which has been recognized with the 2014 International Program Excellence Aware by the National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators.

The program was launched in 2012 to educate undergraduate business students from colleges and universities across Ohio on the fundamentals of exporting, and to support small- to medium-sized companies increase global sales. Tim Koop, an Ohio State University business student, was among students who took advantage of the program, and worked at PQ during the summer of 2013.

As part of the program, participating students complete a semester of specialized export instruction on topics such as global market analysis, identification of export partners, international pricing, logistics and distribution before serving as interns at regional companies. As summer interns, students are assigned customized, export-related projects through which they gain insights into international trade.

At PQ, Koop analyzed data related to international sales produced by wholly-owned subsidiaries of PQ Systems in Australia and England, studied the impact of international trade shows and exhibitions, and offered suggestions for expanding revenues through specific sales strategies.

For more information: http://fisher.osu.edu/newsroom/?folder=65&news=3887

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Quality quiz (April 2014): This month’s quiz from Professor Cleary—and March’s quiz winners!

Mike ClearyWinners of last month’s quiz and a copy of Quality Gamebox are James Altman (Turbocombuster Technology, Inc.); Jim Collins (Polymer Injection Molding); Debbie Doldo (Swissturn/USA, Inc.); Archana Goswami (Pro-Pac Packaging); and Kevin Tinson (Lonza Biologics UK). Congratulations! For this month’s quiz, and a chance to win a copy of Quality Gamebox, submit your response by April 25 to be entered in the drawing.

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Busting with pride

PQ Systems has been named among the 25 Best Places to Work in Dayton by the Dayton Business Journal,  based on survey data submitted by at least 85 percent of the company’s employees. Rankings among the top 25 out of 160 qualifiers will be announced April 24. In this YouTube video, Quality Digest editor Dirk Dusharme gives a shout-out to PQ and the qualities that have put it on the list.

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Four steps to improving customer service

Barb ClearyEditor’s note: This is the first in a series related to customer service. Watch for further discussions in coming months.

With a variety of approaches to process improvement, including programs and regimens that have come and gone without a trace, a new generation of business owners, educators, and healthcare providers is ready to get to the heart of improvement and to understand the basics about quality of products and services. Unlike earlier generations, they do not have time to take extensive courses or attend multiple conferences in their quest for this understanding. So let’s boil down the essentials of quality improvement, beginning with the customer’s experience.

We’ve all been victims of poor customer service. Recorded telephone responses, including the interminable “Press 1 for sales…” to “Press 2 for service” announcements, or the softly uttered assurance that “Your call is important to us…” that precedes a 15-minute wait on hold, or the unanswered letter to customer service—all have become routine in our business lives. Everyone has a horror story when it comes to customer service, it seems, although the old “Complaint” window has long ago vanished from our experience, aside from its appearance in cartoons.

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Bytes and pieces: News you can use

Quality Expo Texas: Registration is open for the May 7-8 exposition and learning lab in Fort Worth.

Improving search for planets: The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has revived technology to find planets near distant stars.

Assessing food quality: Researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA) are developing quality control systems for unprocessed and processed food items using infrared technology.

Tools for healthcare quality: Teams are less likely to miss life-saving steps when they use checklists during OR crises.

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Our Connection to W. Edwards Deming and How it Benefits Our Customers

Dr. W. Edwards Deming is a household name for those of us in the business of quality. His 14 Points on Quality Management are at the heart of what we do on a daily basis. He is most notably credited for the growth of Japanese industry following the Second World War, as well as re-invigorating the American auto industry, with Ford taking second place in global sales in 1992. His commitment to continuous improvement meant that he was never satisfied with the status quo – instead looking for ways to progress everything around him.

At PQ Systems, our goal is always to ensure quality among our customers. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Michael J. Cleary, PhD, founding president of PQ Systems learned much of what he knows today from Dr. Deming himself.

Dr. Cleary met Dr. Deming through his association with Ford Motor Company, where Deming led a quality improvement initiative for the company and its suppliers. Dr. Deming invited Dr. Cleary to participate in some of his sessions with the company.

As a professor of business statistics, Dr. Cleary wanted to bring the concept of quality in industry to undergraduate and MBA classrooms, and was able to arrange meetings with Dr. Deming to discuss mutual interests and approaches.  Together, they worked on a twelve-part video training initiative, The Transformation of American Industry that Dr. Cleary developed along with Carole and David Schwinn for community college training sessions. Over the course of a decade, the sessions attracted hundreds of quality professionals.

Deming’s philosophy also formed the fundamental basis for PQ Systems, which Cleary started in order to help organizations demonstrate proof of the quality of their products and services . Today, as always, we maintain our commitment to quality and are proud of our close association with Dr. Deming. In everything we do, we strive to continuously improve while helping our customers to do the same.

To learn more about our services, including statistical process control (SPC), gage management, quality audit tracking, and more, please feel free to contact us online and/or follow us on Twitter.

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5 Things to Know About PQ Systems’ History and Offerings

  1. PQ Systems has been around for more than 30 years, getting our start in 1984 with our first software product, SQCpack statistical process control software.  We’ve never stopped improving SQCpack and the statistical process control (SPC) software has since been installed in more than 60 countries.
  2. We have been named one of the 2014 Top 25 Best Places to Work by the Dayton Business Journal. The official rankings won’t be revealed until the awards event on April 24th, 2014, but we’re excited and proud to have been recognized by this esteemed publication.
  3. We are a local company with a global reach. PQ Systems is headquartered in Dayton Ohio, with regional offices in the UK and Australia. This is in addition to our distributors located throughout South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This allows us to work with companies in all areas of the globe.
  4. We offer a wide array of software solutions for statistical process control, gage calibration and management, and quality systems. These tools all allow for process optimizing in diverse industries. We serve manufacturing plants, automakers, aerospace industry professionals, healthcare, and government agencies and contractors. We have a number of success stories coming from each industry.
  5. Not only does PQ Systems offer unmatched quality management software solutions, we also host public and in-house trainings to ensure that each product is being used to its full potential. If you can’t make it to one of our public seminars, we’ll bring the training to you. We offer a wide range of both webinar- and seminar-style sessions to accommodate our customers. We also have training books and videos  available to order. No matter your learning style, we’ll work with you to ensure you have a firm grasp on quality management solutions.

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